Schott Consulting Company can develop a variety of solutions for your business or department. We take pride in our history of designing quality solutions for the pharmaceutical sales and marketing and finance industries. Here are some of our accomplishments in the field of development.

  • Database Development
    • Logical and physical data warehouse design
    • Schedule automation
    • Installation and configuration of Oracle, MySQL & Microsoft SQL Server
    • Netezza Database Appliances
  • Application Development
    • PHP
    • JAVA
    • WordPress
    • ASP.NET
    • C, C++, C#, Visual Basic
    • SOAP and REST web services
  • Web-based Development
    • Strategic customer group alignment system
    • Long-Term care group alignment system
    • Field services validation parameter maintenance
    • Custom Market Definition system
  • Web Harvesting
    • We’ve created automated robot routines to extract, transform, and integrate publically available data sources with internal client data assets
  • File Cleansing and Matching
    • We use commercially available data standardization and verification software along with our proprietary routines to provide Physician profile cleansing and matching services

Data Warehousing, BI, and Mobile Apps