Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Solutions

Our specialty is working with pharmaceutical data. We have performed data integration work with data such as California Medicaid Data, Multum Product NDC Database, USPS Data, Kaiser, and IMS. Our experience handling IMS information includes NSP NPA, Journal, IPS, Xponent, and Plantrak data. We have also have experience in designing and implementing Multi-Dimensional hierarchy viewing and reporting and Sales force forecasting and measurement systems.

Financial Solutions

We have implemented some excellent financial solutions. We performed a migration from an internally designed system to a new system based on Oracle database and IBM MQ series servers. This project included handling problematic real-time systems, Testing server-based access and Java client-based access, and database design and review.

Additionally, we worked with clients to develop a financial analyst grading and reporting program that allowed the client to become more productive through better management of analysts. The system grades analysts based on ability and recommends and predicts courses of action based on historical information. For the same client we developed a generalized system to collect accounting data and generate typeset compatible output for SEC required shareholder reports.

Other Industry Solutions

We have developed several systems outside of the pharmaceutical and financial industries. For an internet movie sales company we performed database design and implementation including security, backup, and recovery. After the design process was complete we monitored and maintained database until internal staff could be hired and trained. We also have a good deal of experience in handling small business solutions. Schott Consulting Company is skilled in designing and implementing networks for small business. We also have no problem developing custom applications and application frontends to meet your specific needs

Data Warehousing, BI, and Mobile Apps